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When I am invited to meet new people, I look forward to it, thinking they might become my friend, rather than seeing it as a chore, figuring these people will never be worth knowing.
When evaluating a coworker, I focus on details about which areas he needs to improve rather than on his positive overall performance.
I believe the next ten years will be better for me than the last ten.
Faced with the possibility of moving to a new city, I regard it as a frightening step into the unknown.
When something small but unexpected and positive happens to me in the morning -- for example, having a great conversation with a stranger -- the positive mood fades within minutes.
When I go to a party and I'm having a good time at the outset, the positive feeling tends to last for the entire evening.
I find that beautiful scenes such as a gorgeous sunset quickly wear off and I get bored easily.
When I wake up i the morning I ca think of a pleasant activity that I've planned, and the thought puts me in a good mood that lasts the entire day.
When I go to a museum or attend a concert, the first few minutes are really enjoyable, but it doesn't last.
I often feel that on busy days I can keep going from one event to the next without getting tired.