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If I have a minor disagreement with a close friend or spouse -- closer to "No, it's your turn to do the dishes" than You cheated on me?!" -- it typically leaves me out of sorts for hours or longer.
If another driver uses the shoulder to zoom up to the front of a long line of traffice waiting to merge, I am likely to shake it off easily rather than fume about it for a long time.
When I have experienced profound grief, such as the death of someone close to me, it has interfered with my ability to function for many months.
If I make a mistake at work and get reprimanded for it, I can shrug it off and take it as a learning experience.
If I try a new restaurant and find that the food is awful and the service snooty, it ruins my whole evening.
If I'm stuck in traffic because of an accident up ahead, when I pass the bottlenectk I typically floor it to vent my frustration but still seeth inside.
If my home's water heater breaks, it does not affect my mood very much, since I know I can just call a plumber and get it fixed.
If I meet a wonderful man/woman and ask if he/she would like to get together again, being told no typically puts me in a bad mood for hours or even days.
If I am being considered for an important professional award or promotion and it goes to someone I consider less qualified, I can usually move on quickly.
At a party, if I'm having a conversation with an interesting stranger and get completely tongue-tied when he/she asks me about myself, I tend to replay the conversation -- this time including what I should have said -- for hours or even days afterward.